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There’s No Such Thing As Bad Luck On A Ski Vacation,
Just Bad Planning.

After my own 11 snow safaris; skiing about 600 days in powder I fully agree that the only way of getting unlimited powder is to follow the storms or even better be ahead of them by a day. Combined with the very helpful stats in The Powder Bible you will sure be at the right spot at the right time.

If you plan on a powder chasing trip you should definitely invest a few $$ and buy “The Powder Bible” It will help you in many different ways and will also increase you chance of skiing powder almost every day.

- Patrick Fux (aka ‘paedde’) –

I like the emphasis on flexibility and the reality that if you choose a time frame far in advance you need to cast a very wide net in terms of regions to ski to have a good chance of skiing powder. I have quite a bit of data supporting that necessity, which the author learned intuitively on several trips to North America.

- Tony Crocker – Powder Stats Guru –

The Powder Bible
Knowledge = Pow(d)er

The Powder Bible by Richard Ross is the ultimate Powder Skier’s companion.
A ‘World First’ electronic ski guidebook in PDF format focused 100% on Powder Skiing. Invaluable Trip Planning resources and links to weather and snow conditions in resorts across North America, Europe & Japan. Stop making poor decisions and skiing bad snow.

Ski Resorts Were Not Created Equal

What the resort marketers won’t tell you – Geography, Prevailing Weather, Microclimates & Altitude are all factors in snowfall. Resorts just a few miles from each other can have greater than 30% difference in snowfall. The Powder Bible will lead you to the places that consistently top the tables.

Your Vacation Time is Valuable

Don’t waste it by locking yourself in to a mediocre experience – icy hardpack is no fun. Learn how to maximise your free time by adopting a flexible schedule and following the snow.

The Powder Bible Homepage
Richard Ross – Snowbird
The Powder Bible Homepage
Our Tracks – France Backcountry
The Powder Bible Homepage
Richard Ross – Solitude

Snowfall Statistics

50 North American resorts statistically analysed for snowfall and reliability. Book your holiday with confidence in a snow-sure area, and avoid the low-snow resorts. The numbers don’t lie.

Resort Guide

35 of the best Powder skiing resorts in North America, Europe & Japan reviewed. Facts, figures and hundreds of high quality photographs to aid your decision.

All The Work Done For You

110+ Pages in PDF format containing comprehensive web links to conditions, weather and travel information, plus influential forums and social media resources. Plus chapters on Powder Skiing Technique, Equipment and Fitness.

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