The Powder Bible

The Powder Bible is a world first Ski Travel eBook.

First released in PDF format and soon to be followed with versions for the Apple iBook Store and Kindle Store, The Powder Bible is a comprehensive guide to maximising your valuable vacation time on snow.

Modern day ski trip planning is so much more than choosing a resort from glossy brochures months in advance and hoping that it snows.

True powder connoisseurs refuse to be locked into a schedule, instead following snowfall to ensure consistent powder skiing. The Powder Bible is an invaluable resource containing a proven method to ensure the best conditions in the region. The Philosophy of The Powder Bible is ‘Knowledge = Pow(d)er’ and contains valuable links to a wealth of Internet resources covering up-to-the-minute snow reports, custom weather forecasts and other social media repositories.

The Powder Bible has also reviewed 35 top resorts worldwide in its Resort Guide – each one of these resorts is renowned for its Powder, Off-Piste or Backcountry skiing. Each resort has a 2 page spread covering relevant Facts/Figures, Snowfall data, Best areas to ski powder, plus comments on Dining/Nightlife and Local’s Tips.

About the Author

Richard Ross is a skiing addict.

First skiing in-utero at Mt Buller Australia, Richard fell in love with skiing in his early years, and through his teens it became the major focus in his life. After completing University he successfully tried out for a position at Mt Buller’s Ski School as a Ski Instructor, a position he held for 10 years and allowed him to travel the world skiing for over 20 consecutive winters. During this time he became a fully certified instructor by the APSI and then a Trainer and Examiner, being responsible for the hiring, mentoring and certification of new Instructors.

In the Northern winters he spent the majority of his time domiciled in Colorado and Utah but frequently travelling to many of the major snow destinations in the world.

He has recently discovered a love for ski touring and backcountry skiing after 2 spectacular trips to the French Alps, in particular Chamonix, which have been chronicled on his personal blog http://aussieskier.com

During this time he became quite an insufferable snob when it came to ski travel destinations. He realised early on that not all resorts were created equal and refused to accept why people invested so much time and money into poor destinations. Meanwhile whenever Richard and his wife Nicole travelled to ski it seemed to always be in powder. Luck had nothing to do with it, careful planning and a set of rules that are described in the Powder Bible allowed this. It was this sentiment that led to the creation of The Powder Bible.

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The Powder Bible - Richard Ross